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Three of our colleagues have been awarded Nobel Prizes!  The new Laureates are:
-Tomas Lindahl (base excision repair)
-Aziz Sancar (nucleotide excision repair)
-Paul Modrich (mismatch repair)

This is an exciting advance for a field that is of central importance to the EMGS.

We are pleased to announce the following Awards, which will be presented at the EMGS 47th Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.

2016 Alexander Hollaender Award—Stephen Dertinger

The Alexander Hollaender Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the application of the principles and techniques of environmental mutagenesis to the protection of human health. This years award is given to Dr. Dertinger in recognition of his impact on how genotoxicity is evaluated in regulatory and applied science through his development of automatic methods of measuring micronuclei and mutations. His research is vitally important for safety assessment by regulatory agencies.

2016 EMGS Award—Joann Sweasy

The EMGS award recognizes outstanding research contributions in the areas of environmental mutagenesis and genomics. The 2016 EMGS Award is given to Dr. Sweasy in recognition of her work on DNA Polymerase and its role in DNA repair, meiosis, and diseases connected with mutations in this protein such as human stomach cancers and systemic lupus erythematosis.

2016 Young Scientist Award—Bret Freudenthal

Dr. Freudenthal recently completed his postdoctoral work and has transitioned to an independent Assistant Professor position at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The overarching goal of his research is to understand how environmental hazards that damage the DNA lead to deleterious human health outcomes. Dr. Freudenthal utilizes a reductionist approach consisting of structural, biochemical, and molecular biology assays to investigate complex biological questions. By combining this multi-disciplinary approach with cellular collaborations he hopes to make better therapeutic treatments for human diseases.

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About our upcoming Annual Meeting:

Registration is open for the EMGS 47th Annual Meeting.

Our dynamic and interactive meetings are designed to promote the Society’s mission to foster cutting edge scientific research and collaboration, with a focus on the impact of the environment on the genome. Emphasis areas include DNA damage, DNA repair, mutagenesis, heritable effects, and epigenetics. Additionally, the EMGS promotes research that supports genetic toxicology testing, risk assessment, and regulatory policy-making with the goal of protecting human health.

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