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EMGS/Annual Meeting 2017

September 9-13, 2017
Raleigh Convention Center

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You don’t want to miss this year’s EMGS Annual Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina.
A Great Venue for EMGS to Meet!
Raleigh is famously part of the “Research Triangle” and we are fortunate to use this plethora of local talent in our program as speakers and exhibitors. Since this area is home to two federal agencies, four major research universities and six other colleges and universities, we expect our meeting to be well attended. 
This year’s meeting is titled,
Environmental Health Sciences Bridging the Gap between Exposure, Mechanism and Public Health

Plenary Lectures
  • Angelika Amon, Consequences of Aneuploidy
  • Samuel H. Wilson, Ins and Outs of Base Excision Repair
  • Roger Greenberg, Alternative Recombination Mechanisms Control ALTernative Telomere Length
  • Mark J. Zylka, Characterizing Genetic and Environmental Risks for Autism
  • Hollaender Award Winner, Radim J. Sram, Air Pollution and Molecular Biomarkers Associated with Children’s Health
  • EMGS Award Lecture, Peter McKinnon, Genome Stability and Brain Health
  • Molecular Insight During DNA Damage Processing
  • New Approaches and Considerations for Assessing Chemical Safety in a Computational and a High-Throughput in Vitro Toxicology World
  • The Unique Vulnerability of the Germline Epigenome: Towards Evidence of Transgenerational Inheritance?
  • Linking DNA Adducts with Mutational Signatures
  • Novel Genomic Editing: CRISPR-Cas9 Application in Toxicology and Mechanistic Discovery
  • Whole Exome Sequencing in Clinical and Environmental Disease
  • Cross Talk between Telomere Biology and DNA Repair: from Molecules to Humans
  • Mosaic Mutations in Humans and Risk for Disease
  • Integrated Genotoxicity Testing Strategies: Practical Application of Toxicogenomics
  • The Genetic and Environmental Factors Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Biological Implications of Covalent Modifications to DNA and RNA
  • Microcephaly: Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Human Developmental Neuropathy
  • Environmental Epidemiology: the Influence of Early Life Exposures on the Epigenome
  • What is in the Water, and is it Safe?
  • Toxicity and Occupational Disease Caused by Inhalation Exposure to Food Flavorings
  • Entrepreneurship, Economic Initiatives, and Bioscience Incubators Alternative mammalian models for genotoxicity testing
  • Alternative Models for (epi)Genotoxicity Testing
  • Mass Spectrometry in Assessing Chemical Exposures and Human Health
You will love Raleigh!
Raleigh has three major state museums--of art, history and natural sciences (all are free).  Local cuisine ranges from upscale fine dining to brewpubs (Raleigh is known for its craft beer) to traditional Southern cooking. Enjoy nightlife in downtown Raleigh in the Capital District, Fayetteville Street district, Glenwood South, Moore Square district and the Warehouse District. 
2017 EMGS Annual Meeting Agenda
Recent Stories
Late Breaking EMGS Abstract submission deadline is August 1, 2017

Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) Student & Travel Awards (Judges Travel Award Deadline July 20, 2017)

EMGS special scholarships available to researchers who focus on autism and/or neurodevelopmental disorders