Congratulations to Natalie Saini our 2017 EMGS Young Scientist Award Winner

EMGS Young Scientist Award
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Congratulations to Natalie Saini our 2017 EMGS Young Scientist Award Winner.  We can't wait to hear her presentation at the 2017 EMGS Annual Meeting in Raleigh, NC. www.emgs-us/am2017 

Natalie Saini: is currently a postdoctoral scientist in Dr. Dmitry Gordenin’s lab at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  She is working towards establishing herself as an independent researcher in the near future.  Dr. Saini’s overarching research goal is to determine the range of genome-wide mutation loads and to identify the mutation signatures in the cells of healthy individuals to decipher environmental and genetic causes of genome instability.  She utilizes simple model organisms like yeast to understand how environmental agents affect DNA stability, and to apply this knowledge in more complex human research.  Her combinatorial approach enables her to answer key questions regarding the impact of environmental damage on mutagenesis in humans, resulting in important insights into how these factors affect human health.

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