2021 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge announces the Final Four

Thank you for the enthusiasm and participation in the 2021 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge! Please join us to congratulate the four finalist teams for our second-round competition:

Joseph Bundy, Richard Judson, Imran Shah, Antony Williams, Chris Grulke, and Logan Everett
Predicting Molecular Initiating Events from High Throughput Transcriptomic Screening using Machine Learning
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Adrian Green1, Martin Mohlenkamp2, Jhuma Das3, Meenal Chaudhari4, Lisa Truong5, Robyn Tanguay5, and David Reif1
Leveraging Zebrafish High-throughput Screening Data and Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks to Advance Predictive Toxicology
1 North Carolina State University; 2 Ohio University; 3 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 4 North Carolina A&T State University; and 5 Oregon State University

Jake Reske1,2, Michael Black1, Aarati Ranade1, Christophe Chesné3, Jean Orelien1, and Patrick McMullen1
Transcriptomic Meta-Analyses Reveal a Molecular Fingerprint Underlying Hepatic Cholestasis Response
1 ScitoVation LLC; 2 Michigan State University; and 3 Biopredic International.

Kai Wang, Nicole Kim, Justin Colacino, and Maureen Sartor
Exposome Target Prediction with Coupled Matrix-Matrix Completion
University of Michigan

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the EMGS Annual Meeting will remain virtual this year (https://www.emgs-us.org/blog/registration-opens-for-2021-emgs-virtual-annual-meeting). As such, the second-round competition will be held in form of webinars like last year. Stay tuned for further details about the competition and we look forward to hearing more from our Final Four in the 2021 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge!

Organizing Committee, 2021 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge:

Maxwell Leung, Ph.D. (Arizona State University, Co-chair)

Jeffrey Bemis, Ph.D. (Litron Laboratories, Co-chair)

Kathleen Hill, Ph.D. (Western University)

Thomas Wilson, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Michigan)

Tess Leuthner (Duke University)

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