2022 Student and New Investigator Presentation Awards

Congratulations to our 2022 Student and New Investigator Presentation Award Winners

Each year, the Education, Student and New Investigator Affairs Committee (ESNIA) invites students and new investigators to submit abstracts for either poster or oral presentations. Submissions are automatically entered in the Best Presentation/Poster Competition, which takes place at the EMGS Annual Meeting, this year in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens. To be considered for the award, the abstract must be submitted and presented by the student or new investigator. Each winner receives a monetary prize.

ESNIA is proud to announce the winners for the 2022 Student and New Investigator Awards:


Best Overall DNA repair SNI poster - sponsored by the journal DNA Repair

Benjamin Ryan - University of Kansas Medical Center

Structural Basis For Engagement Of Nucleosomal DNA Damage By DNA Polymerase Beta


Best Overall Basic or Applied SNI poster - sponsored by Mutation Research Reviews

Natália Chermont dos Santos Moreira- Ribeirão Preto Medical School

Novel AChE and ROCK Dual Inhibitor Designed for Alzheimer's Disease Therapy Promotes Neurodifferentiation and Neuritogenesis in SH-SY5Y Cells


Best Student poster - sponsored by Mutation Research Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis

1st place              

Justin Dingman - University of Utah

Quantifying and Categorizing DNA Damage in Microorganisms Using BER Principles


2nd place             

Elizabeth Huliganga - University of Ottawa and Health Canada

A Case Study on Integrating a New Key Event Into an Existing Adverse Outcome Pathway on Oxidative DNA Damage: Challenges and Approaches in a Data-Rich Area


Best New Investigator poster - sponsored by Mutation Research Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms

1st place              

Ryan Barnes - University of Pittsburgh

Telomeric 8-Oxo-Guanine Drives Rapid Premature Senescence in the Absence of Telomere Shortening


2nd place             

Matthew Schaich - University of Pittsburgh

Single-molecule analysis of damage detection by UV-DDB and OGG1 from nuclear extracts


Best Student platform

1st place              

Jennifer Liu - Duke University

Examining the Role of LRRK2 in Genome Maintenance With Implications for Breast Cancer Disease Progression


2nd place             

Jéssica Ellen Barbosa de Freitas Lima - Ribeirão Preto Medical School, University of São Paulo

Chronic Hyperglycemia Potentiates Oxidative and Neurotoxic Damage by Increasing Cell Death in Differentiated Neurons From SH-SY5Y Cells


Best New Investigator platform

1st place              

Clarissa Rocha - Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

NRF2 Modulates Ferroptosis in Temozolomide-Resistant Glioblastoma Cells


2nd place             

Lee Pribyl - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Impact of Mgmt-Mediated DNA Repair on Mutation Susceptibility and Cancer in Mice


Thank you to the judges who helped make this competition a success and thank you also to all the participants who submitted abstracts and presented work. We sincerely hope you got as much back from your discussions as you gave with your efforts throughout the past year. We look forward to seeing you all return next year for the 2023 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Be sure to bring your peers and lab mates along to introduce them to the best society out there!

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