Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Alexander Hollaender Award and EMGS Award

The Awards and Honors Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Alexander Hollaender Award and the 2021 EMGS Award. Both awards will be presented during the 52nd Annual Meeting of the EMGS, which will be held virtually on September 22-25, 2021.

Dr. John O. Rundell, president of Molecular Toxicology Inc., is the recipient of the 2021 Alexander Hollaender Award. The Alexander Hollaender Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the application of the principles and techniques of environmental mutagenesis to the protection of human health.

Dr. Rundell is recognized for his unique contributions to the field of in vitro mutagenicity testing. His visionary decision to produce S9 liver homogenates commercially provided scientists throughout the world with standardized and consistent materials for testing the mutagenicity of a plethora of chemicals over the past 30+ years. This has allowed for uniform and reliable data to be submitted to governmental regulatory bodies.

Dr. Richard D. Wood of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is the recipient of the 2021 EMGS Award. The EMGS award recognizes outstanding research contributions in the areas of environmental mutagenesis and genomics.

Dr. Wood is acknowledged for his significant body of research on the mechanisms of DNA repair and translesion synthesis. Specifically, his laboratory’s demonstration that nucleotide excision repair could be studied using cell-free extracts greatly accelerated the race towards identifying NER factors and ultimately reconstituting this important repair system in vitro with purified proteins. His more recent work aimed at understanding the biochemistry of translesion synthesis DNA polymerases continues to provide valuable insights into mutagenesis and genome stability.

Congratulations to both Dr. Rundell and Dr. Wood on their well-deserved honors!

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