Congratulations to the Finalists of 2020 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge!

Thank you for the enthusiasm and participation in 2020 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge! Please join us to congratulate the following finalists for the second-round competition:

David Chen1, Gurjit Randhawa1, Maximillian Soltysiak1, Lila Kari2, and Kathleen Hill1
SomaticSim: A Somatic Mutational Signature Simulator for Benchmarking Alignment-free Machine Learning Analyses
Western University1; University of Waterloo2

Steven Kane, Alex Cayley, Robert Foster, Susanne Stalford, and Richard Williams
Integrating Knowledge of Carcinogenicity Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) with Experimental Data
Lhasa limited

Arif Rahman, Jui-Hua Hsieh, Pierre Bushel, Brian Berridge, and Scott Auerbach
Weighted Coregulation Network Analysis to Identify Genotoxic and Cardiotoxic Potential of Chemotherapy
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Maximillian Soltysiak1, Gurjit Randhawa1, Abdelhady Osman1, Kathleen Hill1, and Lila Kari2
Machine Learning-based Analysis of Genome Sequences for Studying the Impact of Extreme Environments on Genomic Signatures
Western University1; University of Waterloo2

Yax Thakkar1, Holger Moustakas1, Alessandro Di Cara2, Anne Marie Api1
Genotoxicity Data Visualization Tool for Fragrance Materials
Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc.1; QuartzBio2

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the upcoming EMGS meeting will be held in a virtual format and the second-round competition will be held as a webinar. Stay tuned for further details about the competition and we look forward to hearing more from our finalists in the EMGS Virtual Annual Meeting!

Maxwell Leung, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Bemis, Ph.D.
Co-chairs, 2020 EMGS Bioinformatics Challenge

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