Dates and Details Emerging for EMGS 2021

Dear EMGS members, 

I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Jeff Bemis has agreed to serve as the Program Chair for the virtual EMGS 2021 meeting, and Dr. Isabelle Miousse has agreed to join his team as the Young Investigator co-chair. A huge thanks to Jeff and Isabelle for taking on the challenge of putting together a new meeting in this short time frame. The wheels are in motion for an outstanding meeting. The program committee has already met and is hard at work developing program ideas and content.

Their first action item was a date and theme: 
EMGS 2021: Virtual Meeting, Real Science 
September 22 to 25, 2021 | Planet Earth

The web content is in development and will be available online the first week of March. 

I’m also pleased to announce the confirmation of two esteemed Keynote speakers for the 2021 meeting. We will welcome Norman E. “Ned” Sharpless, M.D., the 15th director of the National Cancer Center, who has served in that role since 2017. Previously, he served as the director of the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of North Carolina (UNC), a position he had held since 2014. Also scheduled to deliver a virtual Keynote is Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, PhD., an internationally renowned scientist of biophysical chemistry who serves as the Dean of Sciences at Peking University. His many honors include the Albany Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research, the American Chemical Society's Peter Debye Award and the Biophysical Society Founders' Award. 

Finally, I am excited to reveal the winners of two of our society’s highest awards.  Dr. John O. Rundell, president of Molecular Toxicology Inc., has been selected to receive the 2021 Alexander Hollaender award, given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions in the application of the principles and techniques of environmental mutagenesis and genomics to the protection of human health. The 2021 EMGS Award, recognizing outstanding research contributions in the areas of environmental mutagenesis and genomics, will go to Dr. Richard D. Wood of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Both Dr. Rundell and Dr. Wood will receive $1,000 honorariums and present plenary lectures during the 2021 virtual meeting. Both parties will be honored and receive their awards during the EMGS Awards in late September. 

I wanted to send you this information immediately so that you can mark your calendars. I am very much looking forward to building on our wildly successful virtual 2020 meeting this fall with Jeff and his team! 


Best wishes and stay safe, 

Carole L. Yauk, PhD 
EMGS President 

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2021 meeting logistics

February 26, 2021 01:44 PM by Dan D. Levy, PhD

Believe it or not FDA employees are being asked to beg for permission to attend virtual meetings, especially if they involve a registration fee.  The request is called a "travel request".  Will there be a registration fee?

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