EMGS members invited to join International Comet Assay Working Group

The following announcement from Dr. Goran Gajski explains the formation of an International Comet Assay Working Group (ICAWG) that is being shared with IAEMGS members which includes EMGS.


Dear EEMGS/IAEMGS society members and colleagues,

We are excited to announce the formation of ICAWG (International Comet Assay Working Group) a special interest group within the EEMGS.

We have created a flyer and letter for EEMGS/IAEMGS and local society members detailing our aims, scope and how to join; please could you share these with your member contact lists and anyone else you think might be interested?

Just to introduce our new committee:

Goran Gajski (Croatia) - Chair
Andrew Collins (Norway) - Vice Chair
Carina Ladeira (Portugal) - Young Scientist Representative
Vanessa Andrade (Brazil) - Secretary
Anja Haverić (B&H) - Treasurer
Tom Janssen (Belgium) - Social Media
Sona Vodenkova (Czech Republic) - Web design/maintenance

You can also follow us at:




Download a ICAWG informational letter   
Download a ICAWG flyer

Thank you and we look forward to meeting and supporting ICAWG throughout EEMGS/IAEMGS and the local societies!

Best regards,
Goran Gajski

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