EMGS Strategic Plan 2021

EMGS is excited to present the new 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. We have been working extensively to ensure that the vision, mission, and goals of the society are demonstrated through this plan. Please read below the process EMGS took to create the Strategic Plan. Additional work is still being done on our objectives for each goal.

EMGS hired Avenue M Group as our consulting group to facilitate our strategic planning. The following steps were taken: 

Initial planning meetings were conducted with the EMGS strategic planning committee consisting of Joann Sweasy, Francesco Marchetti, Bob Bevans-Kerr, David DeMarini, and Patty Opresko. 

Immersion meetings with individual telephone interviews with current, recently lapsed and never EMGS members were conducted by our consultant 

A SWOT analysis was completed and delivered to EMGS. 

One half-day strategic planning sessions with all current EMGS leaders and past EMGS presidents was conducted. 

A draft strategic plan was delivered and reviewed by the EMGS Board and Council. 

After several revisions, a final strategic plan was approved by the EMGS Council on May 20, 2021. 

Click here to view the strategic plan and leave your feedback. 

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