Inaugural Women in the IAEMGS Luncheon, August 31 in Ottawa!

Hello Everyone! I have exciting news! The WEMGS will be hosting the first ever Women in the IAEMGS Luncheon at this year's ICEM in Ottawa, Canada!

Dr. Kim Hellemans, Associate Dean of Science at Carleton University (and a bit of a local celebrity) has graciously agreed to present "Stress, Gender & Coping during the COVID-19 Pandemic” at the Women in the IAEMGS Luncheon on Wednesday, August 31, 12:00-1:30. 

And, as usual, we will have excellent food and conversation!

Hope to see everyone there!


Dr. Kim Hellemans is an Assistant Professor in Neuroscience and Associate Dean of Science at Carleton University. She has received several prestigious teaching awards that recognize her passion and dedication to university teaching, including the Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award and, most recently, the OCUFA Provincial Teaching Award. Her current research is focused on student mental health, with a focus on how current life stressors, cannabis use, and social media among university students relate to mental health and academic outcomes. She is passionate about knowledge translation and knowledge mobilization and has created several freely available animations on the topic of neuroscience, addiction, and stigma. She is also the co-host of the award-winning podcast “Minding the Brain”.

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