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This year, the EMGS annual meeting will be held virtually, and there is no registration fee.  This is an excellent opportunity for each of you to consider reaching out to at least one person you know who you think would be a great fit for EMGS, but has never been to a meeting (or hasn’t been to a meeting in a while) and encourage them to give EMGS a try!  We’re calling this the Engage More Great Scientists (EMGS) Campaign! 

How can you “EMGS” for the EMGS?  To make this easy, we’ve provided you with a template letter that you can customize for your email, and a list of the Virtual Meeting Highlights (not all of them, but most of them) loosely grouped by subject matter to help you feature content that you are excited to see at the meeting, and that may also be appealing to your great scientist friend(s).

EMGS has undergone a revolution in recent years, with the annual meeting offering an expanding repertoire of compelling scientific research related to the EMGS mission, and serious investment in our next generation of great scientists!  It is time that more scientists know about all that our Society has to offer!

“Word of mouth” advertising – one person talking to another about how something has made a positive and meaningful difference for them – has been shown time and again to be the most compelling form of advertising.  Be sure to include a remark or two in your letter about how belonging to EMGS has made a difference for you, and just might make a difference for your great scientist friend, too.

Template Letter

Virtual Meeting Highlights

2020 EMGS Virtual Meeting Home

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