WEMGS and ESNIA Sponsored Mentoring Event


The WEMGS and ESNIA committee are co-sponsoring a mentoring session during this year's VAM! Please inform your students, postdocs and new investigators of this special opportunity!!!

How do I get there? Career panels to guide students, postdocs, and new investigators in their next career move.

Wednesday, September 16

Time: 7-8:30 pm CST

Students, postdocs, and new investigators: join us for an evening of mentorship and advice to help you take the next steps in your career. Our panelists represent a wide range of careers for PhDs in science. They will discuss their current roles, career paths, and answer your questions about how to achieve (and survive) your dream job. Choose one of our three concurrent panels (students, postdocs, and new investigators) to get advice tailored to your specific career stage.

Student Panel (Moderator: Elyse Bolterstein)

 - R. Jason Heustis, PhD - Director, Student Development and Training Evaluation, Graduate Program in Education, Harvard Medical School

- Jane Kim, PhD - Asst. Prof at CSU San Marcos 

 - Rachel Novick, PhD, DABT - Toxicologist, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

- Echoleah Rufer, PhD, DABT - Head of Biocompatibility and Toxicology, PAX Labs, Inc.

 - Lisa Van Pay, PhD - Science and Technology Researcher, IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute


Postdoc Panel (Moderator: Amy Whittaker)

- Zachary Nagel, PhD - Asst. Professor of Radiation Biology, Harvard School of Public Health 

- Robyn Perrin, PhD - Director of Strategic Communications, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

- Stephanie Smith-Roe, PhD - Genetic Toxicologist, National Toxicology Program/NIEHS

- Representative for industry, TBD


New Investigator Panel (Moderator: Meagan Myers)

- Jeff Bemis, PhD - Director of Clinical Studies, Litron Laboratories

- Patty Opresko, PhD - Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, University of Pittsburgh

- Ofelia Olivero, PhD - Branch Chief at NCI Center for Cancer Training

- Tamara House-Knight, PhD, DABT – Managing Consultant, Ramboll

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WEMGS and ESNIA Sponsored Mentoring Event

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