Hollaender Courses


The Alexander Hollaender course are organized each year in countries where environmental mutagenesis and health issues are major concerns, Meetings are designed to give local scientists information in current topical areas. For example, population monitoring for health hazards and mutagenic hazards of environmental toxic substances. Previous Hollaender Courses have been offered in Warsaw, Poland (2002), Iasi, Romania (2004), Fez, Morocco (2005), Chillan, Chile (2006), and Cartgena, Colombia (2007).

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24th Alexander Hollaender International Course 2019

International Conference on Risk Assessment of Environmental Genotoxicants
Cairo, Egypt
December 21– December 23, 2019
Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT)

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23rd Alexander Hollaender International Course 2018

The First International Conference on Innovations in Population Health and Personalized Medicine
Tirgu Mures, Romania
December 12 – December 13, 2018
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Tirgu Mures, Romania

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22nd Alexander Hollaender International Course 2018

Productos Naturales, Cáncer y Ambiente
November 20 – November 23, 2018
Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

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21st Alexander Hollaender International Course 2017

Mitochondrial Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology
San Juan, Puerto Rico
July 9 – July 14, 2017
University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

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20th Alexander Hollaender International Course 2016

Nutrition, Environment and Health
Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 17-20, 2016

19th Alexander Hollaender International Course 2015

Genetic Toxicology: Health and the Environment
La Paz, Bolivia
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites

18th Alexander Hollaender International Course 2013

Satellite Meeting of the International Conference on Environmental Mutagens (ICEM)
Asunción, Paraguay
November 10–13, 2013
Guarani Esplendor Hotel in Asunción
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17th Hollaender Course 2012

Environmental Genetics, Epigenetics, and Genomic Instability: Capacity Building on New Analytical Tools
April 16–28, 2012
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites
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16th Hollaender Course 2010

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics: Genes and Function
Viña del Mar, Chile
September 28–29, 2010
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites

15th Hollaender Course 2009

Genomic-Environment Interactions and Genetic Toxicology
Astana, Kazakhstan
September 23–27, 2009
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites

14th Hollaender Course 2008

Genomic and Proteomic Approaches
Kolkata, India
December 10–12, 2008
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites

13th Hollaender Course 2007

Use of the Ames Assay and Processing Complex Mixtures
Cartagena, Colombia
August 28, 2007
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites
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12th Hollaender Course 2006

Toxicological Genetics: Nutritional and Environmental Perspectives
Concopción, Chile
October 23–26, 2006

11th Hollaender Course 2005

Genetic Toxicology Training Course
Fez, Marocco
November 27, 2005

10th Hollaender Course 2004

Environmental Health and Cancer
Iasi, Rumania
June 2–5, 2004

9th Hollaender Course 2002

Krakow, Poland
June 23–27, 2002

8th Hollaender Course 2001

Human Population Monitoring for Cancer Prevention
Shanghai, China
October 30–31, 2001

7th Hollaender Course 2000

Environment and Toxicology Genetics
Popayan, Colombia
February 22, 2000

6th Hollaender Course 1999

Susceptibility to Environmental Mutagens: Molecular, Epidemiological and Public Health Aspects
Harare, Zimbabwe
March 1–5, 1999
November 17–20, 2015
Hotel: Camino Real—Suites

5th Hollaender Course 1998

Detailing the Methodologies of Short-Term Genetic Toxicology Assays
Curitiba, Brazil
November 19–20, 1998

4th Hollaender Course 1997

Contempory Genetic Toxicology
Cairo, Egypt
September 15–17, 1997

3rd Hollaender Course 1996

Contemporary Developments in Genetic Toxicology
Cape Town, South Africa
January 26, 1996

2nd Hollaender Course 1994

Evaluation of Damage Induced by Exposure to Toxic Substances
Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 28–December 2, 1994

1st Hollaender Course 1993

Monitoring of Human Exposure to Toxic Substances
Mexico City, Mexico
November 14–17, 1993


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