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The Women in the EMGS (WEMGS) group focuses on women’s issues within the EMGS as well as broader issues that face many women in scientific careers.
The mission of WEMGS is to:

  • Create opportunities for networking and mentoring for women.
  • Encourage leadership and career development.
  • Encourage and support representation of women throughout the society and within the scientific community.

During the EMGS meetings, WEMGS provides a forum for discussions focusing on general issues that affect not only women but which are relevant to the general membership of the EMGS. We develop ideas for symposia and topics to be considered by the EMGS program committee for upcoming EMGS meetings.

If you are interested in becoming involved either as a member or would like to give your input into programming ideas for discussions or EMGS program ideas, we encourage any EMGS member to join the WEMGS group. ALL are welcome to attend our meetings and WEMGS hosted EMGS meetings sessions!


Group Leaders

Meagan Myers, Chair and Hilde E. van Gijssel, Co-Chair

Files and Images of Interest

EMGS 2013 Annual Meeting SIG Agenda

This file contains the luncheon agenda for the WEMGS SIG meeting in Monterey.

2013-09-17 10:19:25