About the DNA Repair & Mutagenic Mechanisms SIG

The DNA Repair Special Interest Group brings together EMGS members interested in DNA repair and related areas such as DNA damage, genomic instability, DNA damage responses, mutagensis and cell death pathways. At the EMGS Annual Meeting we meet for breakfast and informally discuss a topic of interest for the group. We also brainstorm about topics of symposia and keynote lectures for future EMGS meetings.

More information about the EMGS DNA Repair and Mutagenic Mechanisms SIG is located on their Web site.


SIG Leaders


Andrew Buermeyer, Chair; and Diane Cabelof, Young Investigator Chair



Files and Images of Interest

EMGS 2013 Annual Meeting SIG Agenda

This file contains the agenda for the DNA Repair & Mutagenic Mechanisms SIG meeting in Monterey.

2013-09-17 09:37:20