About the Environmental Genetic Toxicology SIG

The Environmental Genetic Toxicology SIG is broad in scope and is for scientists interested in the genetic effects of contaminant exposure through air, water, soil, food, or physical contact. SIG members examine endpoints in the laboratory and/or field, and in model systems or natural populations. Synthesis across a broad range of assays and organisms is particularly encouraged by this group.


  • Understanding the genotoxicity of environmental contaminants in a broad range of contexts and at all levels ranging from molecules to populations.
  • Laboratory assessment of environmental agents using bacterial, in vitro, and in vivo model systems.
  • Field studies of contaminant exposure and biomarker responses in wildlife and other natural populations.
  • Field or laboratory assessment of contaminant exposure and biomarker responses in humans.
  • Identification of emerging environmental hazards.
  • Serving as a focal point for discussions and planning regarding environmental genotoxicity and related issues.

SIG Leaders

Jeffrey Wickliffe, Chair and Mark Wilson, Co-Chair


Files and Images of Interest

EMGS 2013 Annual Meeting SIG Agenda

This file contains the agenda for the Environmental genetic Toxicology SIG meeting in Monterey.

2013-09-17 09:43:47