Affiliated Organizations


The EMGS is affiliated with the International Association of Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Societies (IAEMGS), which has 11 society members, who collectively have members from over 50 countries. The membership is composed of a unique mix of academic, government, and industrial scientists and policy makers. EMGS has two representatives on the IAEMGS Council, which are nominated every four years.

The current representatives are:

Catherine B. Klein, PhD

Ofelia Ana Olivero, PhD, ATS

Graciela Spivak, PhD

Sister Societies 

Genetic Toxicology Association (GTA)

Genetic and Environmental Toxicology Association (GETA) (Northern California)

Genetic and Environmental Mutagenesis Society (North Carolina) (GEMS)

Midwest DNA Repair Symposium

Southern Genome Maintenance Conference (2022)

Coalition Activities

Coalition activities include the SOT Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) whose mission is: Improving the ability of societies to partner with other domestic and international organizations that have objectives consistent with the goal of increasing the impact of the science of toxicology to improve public health.

The current representatives are:

Rosalie K. Elespuru, PhD 

Maxwell C.K. Leung, PhD

  • Strengthening partnerships among scientific and health-based organizations to increase awareness of the impact of toxicology and related subjects on human health.
  • Functioning as a means to enhance cooperation among societies as equals with the goal of accomplishing tasks benefiting human health and disease prevention through joint and several shared activities.

Science Advocacy

The current FASEB representatives are:

Shan Yan, PhD (FASEB Board of Directors, Publications Committee)
Patricia L. Opresko, PhD (FASEB Scientific Research Conferences Advisory Committee)
Michael George Kemp, PhD (Excellence in Science Committee)
William Kaufmann, PhD (Science Policy Committee)