Awards and Honors

The Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society has several programs and awards to support and celebrate the accomplishments of its members and scientists in the field of genotoxicity. More detailed information about each award can be found within the links posted below

Scientific Awards

The EMGS has two special awards recognizing accomplishment of scientists in the field of genotoxicity. These awards are recognized at the Annual Meeting and winners are invited to deliver a keynote address.

EMGS Award

Alexander Hollaender Award

Recognition Awards

The EMGS service award recognizes the service of EMGS members to the EMGS organization. The EMGS education award recognizes a EMGS member contributions to educate the next generation of scientists. Both awards are recognized at the annual meeting.

EMGS Service Award

Education Award 

Student and New Investigator Award Opportunities

The EMGS is dedicated to the growth of students, new investigators and post docs. These awards and programs are offered throughout the year with various deadlines.  

Newly Independent Investigators Engagement Program

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program

EMGS Young Scientist Award

Travel Awards - supports travel and attendance to the EMGS annual meeting

EMGS travel awards are available to students, new investigators, and emeritus applicants who have interest in attending an EMGS Annual Meeting.  

EMGS Student & New Investigator Travel Awards

Samuel H. Wilson Award for Studies on DNA Repair

Alexander Hollaender Travel Awards

EMGS Emeritus Travel Awards

Emerging Scientist Award

Presentation, Poster and Paper Awards

Presented at the EMGS Annual Meeting are presentation, poster, and paper awards. These awards are given to deserving students and new investigators for ether their work on either an annual meeting presentation oral/poster or their contribution to a published manuscript in the societies journal EMM. 

EMM Student & New Investigator Best Paper Awards 

Student & New Investigator Presentation Awards