Editor's Choice for May 2013

Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (EMM) Editor's Choice - May 2013

The Editor's Choice for May is “The Pesticide Dichlorvos Disrupts Mitotic Division by Delocalizing the Kinesin Kif2a From Centrosomes” by Mario Fiore, Marta Mattiuzzo, Graziella Mancuso, Pierangela Totta, and Francesca Degrassi.

Human exposure to the pesticide, Dichlorvos has a number of potentially harmful human health effects.  Previous work by Degrassi and co-workers suggested long-term exposure to Dichlorvos was possibly carcinogenic due to a disruption of normal cell division.  They observed that segregation of chromosomes was compromised in human cells cultured in the presence of the pesticide (detected as Dichlorvos-induced micronuclei and aneuploidy).  In their current Editor’s Choice article, Fiore et al. extend their previous findings by identifying the mechanism by which Dichlorvos disrupts normal cell division.  Specifically, they show that in Dichlorvos-treated cells a monopolar spindle forms, rather than the normal bipolar spindle.   Further, they linked this defect in normal spindle formation to Dichlorvos’s effect on a particular protein, the spindle-associated motor protein Kif2a.  This work, therefore, provides an example of how an environmental chemical can negatively impact the normal cell division machinery, causing aberrant mitotic progression.  Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 54:250-260, 2013.  © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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