First All Hands Session Explores Hydrofracking

All Hands Session

Unique to the 2013 meeting are the three morning “All Hands” sessions in which all registrants will be together to learn and foster collaborations and unique interactions on specific topics that include: Hydraulic Fracturing, The Exposome, and Exploiting New Technologies to Identify and Regulate Induced Heritable Effects.

Join us today from 9:10 am -12:45 pm for All Hands Session 1: Hydraulic Fracturing: Benefits and Environmental Impacts. Have you watched the documentary “Gasland” that sparked a national discussion on fracking? Do you know what “Hydraulic Fracturing” is? What are the economical benefits and environmental consequences of hydraulic fracking? Come get answers to some of these questions by attending this session where experts from academia, government and industry will discuss the process of fracking, methods and recent technologies available, known worker exposures, and concerns regarding contamination of the water supply, genotoxicity of chemicals and mixtures involved environmental impact of fracking operation and mitigation processes, and regulatory needs. The session will end with a panel discussion, and participation from the audience.

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