Monday Symposia

Two concurrent sessions will be held on Sunday from 2:30-5:00 pm

Symposium 3: Inflammation and Genotoxic Risk: What Are We Missing? In this session, we begin with a presentation by Dr. Patricia Ganey regarding the relationship of drug-induced liver injury and inflammatory stress. This will be followed by a presentation by Dr. Bevin Engelward on the influence of cell proliferation on inflammation. Dr. Adah Almutairi presentation on the inflammation triggered release of drugs from polymeric particles will be given by two postdocs from her laboratory. The symposium will conclude with Dr. Calabrese talking about how low-dose radiation can induce an anti-inflammatory phenotype and with a presentation by Dr. Downs on the role of inflammation in the genotoxicity of silica nanomaterial.

Symposium 4: Food Safety is the first full symposium EMGS has assembled to focus on the presence of chemicals in our food supply. Many manufactured and environmental chemicals are introduced either intentionally or non-intentionally to the U.S. food supply. This session will detail the US regulatory approaches for ensuring the safety of our foods that may be exposed to such chemicals. Talks using specific examples (mycotoxins, chromium, and supplements) will highlight our concern for foods containing these chemicals. By regulating chemical exposure and monitoring for possible effects on people eating foods with introduced chemicals, the US has produced one of the safest and wholesome food supplies in the world.


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