Tuesday Symposia

Two concurrent sessions will be held on Tuesday from 2:30-5:00 pm

Symposium 5: Unexpected Phenotypes of Mice Carrying Knockouts of DNA Repair Genes: The session will feature a series of six research investigations that will span many of the unexpected phenotypes that have arisen in DNA repair and replication deficient knockout mice. Although many of these knockout mice display an enhanced risk of tumor formation due to increased genome instability, these studies will present compelling data for DNA repair pathways playing important roles in modulating inflammatory cascades and immune function, metabolic homeostasis, as well as carcinogenesis. Several of these investigations will explore the role of repair in the mitochondrial genome as an important factor in the development of these phenotypes, including cancer. Overall this session will inform on the disease consequences of DNA repair deficiencies beyond the strict DNA damage/mutagenesis/carcinogenesis model.

Program Change: Please note that there has been a change in presenter at 4:15 pm.

Symposium 6: Indirect Mechanisms of Mutagenesis: Implications for Low-Dose Risk Assessment: This symposium will focus primarily on the mechanisms of mutagenesis, and the distinction between chemicals that damage DNA directly and those that produce that damage via a secondary or indirect mechanism. In addition, the relevance of such indirect or secondary mechanisms of mutagenesis in the etiology of human carcinogenesis will be discussed as it relates to regulatory decision making. Invited presentations will address three important chemicals in case studies: acrylamide, propiconazole, and furan.

Program Change: Please note that there has been a change in presenter at 3:25 pm.

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