EMM Editor In Chief Search Update

Update on the search for a new Editor In Chief (EIC) for the EMS journal Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (EMM).

The request for nominations for a new EIC to succeed Dr. Paul White closed on Feb. 25, 2011. Fifteen candidates were nominated by colleagues. The search committee, comprised of William F. Morgan (Chair), Janet E. Baulch, and Errol Zeiger have contacted each of the nominated candidates to determine their level of interest. Once a candidate has decided whether they would like to be considered for the EIC position, interviews with these interested candidates will be conducted.

The search committee anticipates this process will occur in March depending upon the availability of the committee and the candidates. We intend to move ahead with this process to ensure the continued success of EMM.


William F. Morgan, Chair of the EIC Search Committee.

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