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You have reached the epigenetics SIG page at EMS connect. As you can see not much is there at the moment so we need your help. We, Dana Dolinoy, Janet Baulch, Daneida Lizarraga and Hilde van Gijssel want to make this a place where you go for information about epigenetics inculding usefull websites, protocols, answer to questions, upcoming meetings and everything else you find usefull.

The websites are posted under links in the right hand corner and the protocol folder is coming soon

Hope to see you in Montreal

Dan, Janet, Daneida & Hilde

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Montreal & Epigenetics

April 8, 2011 11:13 AM by Catherine B. Klein, PhD

Thanks Dana, Janet, Daneida and Hilde-

I am looking forward to an epigenetics packed meeting in Montreal. Thanks for all your help in recruiting symposia speakers. 


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