Editor's Choice for August 2011

Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (EMM) Editor’s Choice - August 2011

The Editor's Choice for August is “Can Carcinogenic Potency be Predicted From In Vivo Genotoxicity Data? A Meta-Analysis of Historical Data” by Lya G. Hernández, Wout Slob, Harry van Steeg, and Jan van Benthem.

Carcinogenicity continues to be assessed by rodent tumor bioassay, even though the assay’s limitations (cost, duration of study, and animal requirements) have been clear for decades. Recognizing that in vivo genotoxicity data might reasonably be expected to be relatable to carcinogenesis, Hernández et al. devised a framework to investigate this possibility. They examined the literature to find appropriate studies with which they could compare carcinogen doses that caused equipotent responses in two endpoints, in vivo genotoxicity and carcinogenicity.  In terms of in vivo genotoxicity, they considered studies that measured DNA strand breaks (comet assay), micronuclei, or transgenic rodent mutations. They elected to compare the benchmark dose that caused a 10% increase in endpoint response (BMD10) and showed a correlation between BMD10 for in vivo genotoxicity and the BMD10 for organ-matched carcinogenicity. Consequently, the data presented in Hernández et al. support the concept that quantifying in vivo genotoxicity can be used to characterize the carcinogenic potential of chemicals.  This work is likely to spur additional studies that explore further this interesting approach. Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 52:518-528 (2011) Published 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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