Congratulations to Aishwarya Prakash, our 2018 EMGS Young Scientist Award Winner

EMGS Young Scientist Award

Congratulations to Aishwarya Prakash, our 2018 EMGS Young Scientist Award Winner.  We look forward to her presentation at the 2018 EMGS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. www.emgs-us/am2018

The 2018 EMGS Young Scientist Award contest concluded on June 29, 2018 at midnight EST. Thanks to all who participated.

Aishwarya Prakash: I began my independent research career as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute (MCI) in March 2016. My primary passion as a structural biologist is to obtain high-resolution, three-dimensional structures of DNA repair complexes via X-ray crystallography. DNA repair pathways are necessary to protect the human genome from constant assault from a variety of exogenous (ionizing radiation, cigarette smoke etc.) and endogenous factors (such as ATP generation via normal respiration). My laboratory is interested in two DNA repair pathways: the base excision repair (BER) pathway, which is involved in the repair of small, non-bulky DNA lesions and the mismatch repair (MMR) pathway, which is involved with recognizing and removing erroneous DNA base misincorporations, insertions, and deletions. Both BER and MMR are highly conserved, sequential processes that rely on the formation of productive protein-DNA or protein-protein complexes to recognize, remove, and replace the damage, which ultimately results in damage-free, repaired DNA.

Congratulations to all our Young Scientist Candidates
Natalie Gassman
Mark Hedglin
Isabelle Miousse
Aishwarya Prakash
Matt Schellenberg

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