2010 Editor's Choice Articles

Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (EMM) Editor’s Choice Articles

Paul White and the Editorial Office team highlight an outstanding article in each regular issue of EMM by designating it the "Editor's Choice".

Four articles were selected in 2010.  A list of these articles is below.

The Editor’s Choice article in January was “Analysis of Genomic Dose-Response Information on Arsenic to Inform Key Events in a Mode of Action for Carcinogenicity” by P. Robinan Gentry, Tracy B. McDonald, Dexter E. Sullivan, Annette M. Shipp, Janice W. Yager and Harvey J. Clewell III. This an impressive scholarly work, which sets a new standard for the interpretation of toxicogenomic studies.

The Editor’s Choice article in March was “DNA Adduct Kinetics in Reproductive Tissues of DNA Repair Proficient and Deficient Male Mice After Oral Exposure to Benzo(a)pyrene” by Nicole Verhofstad, Conny Th. M. van Oostrom, Jan van Benthem, Frederik J. van Schooten, Harry van Steeg, and Roger W. L. Godschalk. This article provides a new level of detail to our understanding of the effects of a prevalent environmental mutagen, benzo(a)pyrene on reproductive tissues and germ cells.

The Editor’s Choice article in April “Formaldehyde and Leukemia: Epidemiology, Potential Mechanisms, and Implications for Risk Assessment” by Luoping Zhang, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Jun Nakamura, Stephen S. Hecht, John J. Vandenberg, Martyn T. Smith, and Babasaheb R. Sonawane. This article provides a multidisciplinary review of the state of the science regarding the health effects of formaldehyde and assessment of formaldehyde risk.

The Editor’s Choice article in May was “Flow Cytometry Peripheral Blood Micronucleus Test In Vivo: Determination of Potential Thresholds for Aneuploidy Induced by Spindle Poisons” by Zoryana Cammerer, Martin M. Schumacher, Micheline Kirsch-Volders, Willi Suter, and Azeddine Elhajouji. This article provides definitive evidence of thresholds for the in vivo effects of three spindle poisons.

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