New Technologies SIG Agenda for Annual Meeting in Orlando

EMGS 45th Annual Meeting

You are invited to attend the New Technologies Special Interest Group meeting, September 15, at 7:00 am. I look forward to seeing you there! 

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New Technologies Special Interest Group
Leader: Kevin S. Sweder, Syracuse University

We will discuss new approaches to determine biochemical/biological endpoints that may inform mechanistic understanding and toxicological information about environmental, therapeutic, and endogenous exposure to different agents. With the development of new and highly sensitive assays that can measure changes in single molecules or cytokine release in cells, it seems that we should be able to expand our observations of toxicological changes beyond “looking under lampposts.” Although more sensitive assays may identify more liabilities for exposure to endogenous and exogenous agents, they will also provide greater opportunities for ameliorating toxicities in Phase 3 clinical trials, post-marketing populations, and in populations exposed to environmental pollutants.

7:00 AM              


7:10 AM              

Election of Co-chair

7:20 AM              

Spectroscopical Methods of Measuring Cellular Changes Following Exposure to a Compound
Kevin S. Sweder, Syracuse University

7:40 AM              

The Use of Multiparameter Flow Cytometric Assays for Different Clastogenic, Aneugenic, and Cytotoxic Agents
Jeffrey C. Bemis, Litron Laboratories

8:00 AM              

Automated Image Analysis for Clastogenic Endpoints

8:20 AM              

Genotoxicity of Nano Metal Oxides

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New Technologies SIG Agenda for Annual Meeting in Orlando