EMGS Award

This award is conferred in recognition of outstanding research contributions in the area of environmental mutagenesis.

Nominations for the EMGS Award are due by December 10, 2021.


  • EMGS membership is not required
  • Relevance of the work to the EMGS mission
  • Scientific activity in the area of the causes and mechanistic bases of DNA damage and repair, mutagenesis, heritable effects, epigenetic alterations in genome function, and their relevance to disease measured by the number of publications, invited speaker and or guest lecturer and/or previous awards.
  • Service to the professional community (EMGS and/or others) and/or the general public 

Who can nominate:
Any EMGS member and members of the scientific community

What to submit:
One letter of nomination, addressing the criteria mentioned above
At least one supporting letter (maximum of 3 supporting letters)
CV or biographical sketch of the nominee

Upload Your Nomination

EMGS Award Past Recipients:

Richard Wood 2021
Curtis Harris 2020
Jan Hoeijmakers 2019
Kenneth H. Kraemer 2018
Peter J. McKinnon 2017
Joann B. Sweasy 2016
Myron F. Goodman 2015
James R. Lupski 2014
Peter J. Stambrook 2013
Susan S. Wallace 2012
Arthur P. Grollman 2011
Samuel H. Wilson 2010
James E. Cleaver 2009
Larry H. Thompson 2008
Jeffrey H. Miller 2007
Graham C. Walker 2006
Satya Prakash and Louise Prakash 2005
A.T. Natarajan 2004
John A. Heddle 2003
Richard Setlow 2002
Leona Samson 2001
Miroslav Radman 2000
James Neel 1999
Larry Loeb 1998
Tom Kunkel 1997
William R. Lee 1996
Veronica M. Maher 1995
John Cairns 1994
Liane B. Russell 1993
Philip C. Hanawalt 1992
Ernest H.Y. Chu 1991
Evelyn Witkin 1990
William A. Russell 1989
James F. Crow 1988
John W. Drake 1987
Louis Siminovitch 1986
Philip E. Hartman 1985
Robert H. Haynes 1984
Tao-Chiuh Hsu 1983
Sheldon Wolff 1982
Theodore Thomas Puck 1981
Heinrich V. Malling 1980
Frederick J. de Serres 1979
Takashi Sugimura 1978
Bruce N. Ames 1977
Frederik H. Sobels 1976
Ernst Freese 1975
Alexander Hollaender 1974
Charlotte Auerbach 1972