EMGS Service Award 

This award is conferred in recognition of longstanding dedication and service to the Society.

Nominations Deadline: December 10


  • EMGS member
  • Service to the EMGS above and beyond normal service in governance
  • Leadership in special projects related to EMGS mission and EMGS leadership

Who can Nominate:

Any EMGS member.

What to submit:

  • One letter of nomination describing why the nominee deserves recognition.
  • Between 0-2 letters of support.

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EMGS Service Award Past Recipients:

Les Hanakahi (2021)
Hilde van Gijssel (2019)

Suzanne M. Morris (2018)
Robert Young (2017)
John J. Nicolette (2015)
Barbara S. Shane (2014)
Thomas E. Wilson (2013)
Michael J. Plewa (2012)
Ofelia A. Olivero (2010)
Pamela S. Lee (2009)

Ronald D. Snyder (2008)
Robert H. Heflich and Jenness B. Majeska (2006)
Daniel Benz and David DeMarini (2004)
William Au (2000)
Errol Zeiger (1999)
George R. Hoffman (1996)
Rosalie K. Elespuru (1995)

Elizabeth S. Von Halle (1994)