Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society

48th Annual Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina

September 9-13, 2017 - Raleigh Convention Center

Environmental Health Sciences Bridging the Gap between
Exposure, Mechanism and Public Health



The EMGS welcomes members and attendees from across the US and around the world. Our diversity is essential to our success, and as your national professional society, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive forum for the communication of world-class science. The EMGS Diversity and Inclusion committee sends a special welcome to members of the LGBT community.  Please reach out to any member of the EMGS Diversity and Inclusion Committee with your comments or concerns.

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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The EMGS SIG meetings are a time-tested favorite of the Annual Meeting. The format provides free-form discussions and short presentations of the key challenges and research needs of the interest area. The SIGs provide a casual way for young investigators and seasoned researchers to interact. The SIGs also play a major role in identifying the scientific topics for symposia and workshops during the next Annual Meeting, which will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina in September 2017. For more information about the SIGs, visit the EMGS website. If you are interested in attending one or more SIG meetings, please check the appropriate boxes when you register. Please note that the SIG meetings are free but pre-registration is encouraged.

The Women in EMGS group is hosting a lunch on Monday. The fee to attend is $30 and this meeting is open to all registrants of the EMGS meeting.

Sunday, September 10, 2017
7:00 AM–8:15 AM

Special Interest Group Meetings (Advance Registration is Encouraged)

Applied Genetic Toxicology Special Interest Group
Leaders: Rosalie K. Elespuru, US Food and Drug Administration, Chair; Julie Cox, University of Ottawa, Young Investigator Co-Chair; Carolina Garcia-Canton, PhD, ERT Co-Chair

Heritable Mutation and Disease Special Interest Group
Leaders: Michael D. Waters, PhD Co-Chair; and Marc Beal, Health Canada/Carleton University, New Investigator Co-Chair

Molecular Epidemiology Special Interest Group
Leaders: Ainsley Weston, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, CDC, Chair

Monday, September 11, 2017
7:00 AM–8:15 AM

Special Interest Group Meetings (Advance Registration is Encouraged)

DNA Repair and Mutagenic Mechanisms Special Interest Group
Leaders: Andrew B. Buermeyer, Oregon State University, Chair; and Diane Cress Cabelof, Wayne State University, Young Investigator Chair

Environmental Genetic Toxicology Special Interest Group
Leaders: Jeffrey K. Wickliffe, Tulane University, Chair; Mark Wilson, Tulane University

New Technologies Special Interest Group

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
7:00 AM–8:15 AM

Special Interest Group Meetings (Advance Registration is Encouraged)

Epigenetics Special Interest Group
Leaders: Caren Weinhouse, Duke University, Chair; Jackie Goodrich , University of Michigan School of Public Health, Co-Chair, Kate Mueller, University of MN, New Investigator Co-Chair.

Risk Assessment Special Interest Group
Leaders: Catherine F. Gibbons, US Environmental Protection Agency, Chair and Nikolai Chepelev, PhD New Investigator Co-Chair

Transgenic and In Vivo Mutagenesis Special Interest Group
Leaders: Robert R. Young, BioReliance Corporation, Chair and Francesco Marchetti, Health Canada, Co-Chair