EMGS Newly Independent Investigators Engagement Program

The future of EMGS rest in the hands of our new investigators, who will define the directions we take and galvanize the next generation of our membership base. New investigators who have recently transitioned to independence are invited to apply to be part of a Newly Independent Investigator Engagement Group. Accepted recipients will receive a commitment to cover their costs to attend up to three Annual Meetings over a five-year period. In exchange, recipients must maintain active and engaged membership in EMGS.

Successful applicants must:
•Be involved in non-trainee research relevant to the EMGS mission.
•Be new investigators (≤ 3 years) in research, academia, industry or government who have recently transitioned to independence.
•Pay annual membership dues.


•Attend at least two Annual Meetings during the five-year period.
•Submit an abstract to the meetings they attend.
•Co-chair a Symposium at one Annual Meeting of their choosing.
•Join a Special Interest Group (SIG).
•Become a member of an EMGS Committee by the fourth year of their program.
•Try to publish in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis.
•Submit a brief yearly report to the EMGS Membership and Professional Development Committee to inform the EMGS of their progress in meeting these expectations

Each recipient will receive an Annual Meeting registration waiver plus travel costs (four hotel nights and airfare offset) for as many as three years during their five-year program.

The Membership Committee will bear primary oversight of this program with the support from the business office.
•The Membership Committee will call for applicants, review the applications, and nominate recipients.
•Notice will be given to approved candidates at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting abstract submission deadline.
•The Membership Committee will maintain a database of all recipients in regards to attendance and activity.


January-March     Call for applicants

April 1                   Application Deadline

May 1                    Recipients notified

May 15                  Meeting abstract submission deadline

Application Form