Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society
Virtual Annual Meeting
September 12-16, 2020

Environmental Genomics:
Mechanisms & Approaches
For Genomic Integrity

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Environmental Genomics:
Mechanisms & Approaches for Genomic Integrity

The EMGS Virtual Meeting
September 12-16, 2020

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August 29

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2020 Virtual Meeting

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Established scientists, new investigators, postdoctoral fellows and students –

I extend a warm welcome and cordially invite you to attend the first Virtual Meeting of the Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EMGS). We will "meet" virtually September 12-16, 2020, to study groundbreaking research, network with other peers and discuss topics related to mutagenesis, DNA repair, genomics, genetic toxicology, epigenetics, heritable diseases, and other fields. 

This year, we are pleased to welcome a stellar cast of keynote speakers, including:

  • Dr. Kari Stephansson, pioneer in analysis of human DNA sequence variation
  • Dr. Serena Nik-Zainal, a CRUK Advanced Clinician Scientist and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics from Cambridge University
  • Dr. Joan Steitz, my former college professor, who has made seminal discoveries about small non-coding RNAs

Fifteen symposia on topics of societal interest are on the docket. This year, I urge everyone to consider submitting an abstract for one of our nine platform sessions and poster sessions, or join in the Bioinformatics challenge. The site for abstract submission is now open online and the deadline to submit is May 31, 2020. Late breaking abstracts are due by August 29, 2020.

Come join us for great science, targeted support for your career stage, and lots of good fellowship!

William Kaufmann, Ph.D.
EMGS President


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