Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society
Virtual Annual Meeting
September 12-16, 2020

Environmental Genomics:
Mechanisms & Approaches
For Genomic Integrity

Message to Members

Abstract Submission

Submit an Abstract

The 2020 Annual Meeting abstracts will be published in a special electronic issue of the Society’s journal, Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis.

Regular EMGS Abstract submission deadline is May 31, 2020. (To be published in EMM)

Late Breaking Abstracts are due by August 29, 2020. (Acceptance based on availability but not published in EMM)
Invited speaker abstract deadline is May 15, 2020.

You are encouraged to participate in the meeting by presenting your research as a Poster or Platform talk. Short talks will be selected from abstract submission files for presentation in one of the Platform sessions.

Submission is quick and easy. Login or create an ID and password and then follow the directions and screen prompts.

Abstract submissions should follow the general guidelines and format for EMGS abstracts as described here. Although the inclusion of data in the abstract is not a requirement, abstracts for Travel Award submissions should not simply be a description of experiments that are planned or contemplated. It is not appropriate to state that “results will be presented at the meeting.”

Please contact EMGS Headquarters if you have any additional questions.

Platform Preparation Instructions

The Platform Sessions will be concurrent with one or two other sessions. It is important that you strictly adhere to the times outlined in the program. EMGS has allotted 25 minute talks for each main speaker followed by 5 minutes of discussion, and 12 minutes talks for minor speakers followed by 3 minutes of discussion.

Presentation Guidelines for Platform Talks

Please keep the following in mind when planning your presentation:

    1. It is important that you practice your presentation several times prior to delivering it in your session with emphasis on speaking loud and clear.
    2. A general rule of thumb is that you allow one minute per slide.
    3. PowerPoint software affords the danger of overloading each slide with too much information, which will detract from the major points on a slide.
    4. Make sure that all of your text is at least 18 point to ensure that everyone in the audience can read your slides.
    5. An exemplary presentation includes at least one introductory slide and a summary slide stating the key conclusions. It is also helpful to the audience when you use informative titles on each slide.
    6. It is a good idea to practice your talk and review your slides with colleagues and senior group members.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster presentations should be submitted as a 3-min video of your poster, presented on 1-3 slides.

An example can be seen here: Example 1     Example 2
Be creative but stay within the 3 min/3 slide requirement

Use the appropriate video instructions to record your video. If using PowerPoint, select the video pertaining to either a PC or a mac. If using presentation software other than PowerPoint, or if you're showing a web browser, use the instructions pertaining to Zoom.  Ether method will work.  Limitations are that posters should be 1-3 slides and narration no longer than 3 minutes.  If you would like to upload a pdf of your poster you can do that as well but not required.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know at emgshq@emgs-us.org 

The deadline to submit your poster online is August 31st.

Instructions for recording your presentation as a video file

Upload your Poster Presentation

On a windows machine inside of PowerPoint:

On an Apple mac machine inside of PowerPoint:

On either a windows or mac machine using Zoom: