13th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens

Maintaining Genomic Health in a Changing World

53rd Annual Meeting of the EMGS

August 27 - September 1, 2022 - Ottawa Canada



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The International Conference on Environmental Mutagens (ICEM) has been rescheduled to: August 27- September 1, 2022.  We are hopeful that we can safely gather in person at that time.  To the extent possible, the intent is to keep the current program structure, including keynote speakers and symposium topics. Indeed, the majority of invited keynote speakers and symposium session chairs have already confirmed their participation in the 2022 ICEM.

The Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society (EMGS) will be organizing a 2021 Virtual EMGS Annual Meeting and more information will be coming soon.


Workshops will also be offered, spanning the most cutting edge new technologies for measuring toxic effects to the genome (i.e., transcriptomics including single-cell sequencing, error-corrected sequencing), to modern versions of conventional tests (i.e., Mini Ames and comet assay workshop) and advances in hazard and risk assessment (i.e., reactive botanicals and in silico approaches): 


    Workshop No. 1: 8AM to Noon | Mini versus standard Ames assays: what have we learned from the OECD’s comparative evaluation (Chair: Birgit Mertens, BELGIUM). Governor General I Room

    Workshop No. 2: 8AM to Noon | Application of computational modeling and bioinformatics in toxicological hazard and risk assessment (Chairs: Julia Rager, UNC-Chapel Hill, USA; Marc Beal, Health Canada, CANADA). Governor General II Room

    Workshop No. 3: 8AM to Noon | Time to solve a crisis? Can risk stemming from exposures to plant-based DNA-reactive pyrrolizidine alkaloids be managed using relative potency factors? (Chairs: Stefan Pfuhler and Lin Ge, Procter & Gamble, USA). Governor General III Room

    Workshop No. 4: 8AM to Noon | Methods and applications of the CometChip and additional cell microarray technologies (Chairs: Simran Kaushal and Norah Owiti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA). Quebec Room

    Workshop No. 5: 8AM to Noon | In silico approaches in genetic toxicology: Application Ames QSAR to ICH-M7 (Chairs: Keiichi Sugiyama, National Institute of Health Sciences, JAPAN; Catrin Hasselgren, Genentech, USA). Ontario Room

    Workshop No. 6: 8AM to Noon | Advances in error-corrected sequencing technologies for mutation detection (Chairs: Sheroy Minocherhomji, Amgen, USA; Robert Young, MilliporeSigma, USA; Francesco Marchetti, Health Canada, CANADA).Newfoundland/Nova Scotia Room