13th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens

Maintaining Genomic Health in a Changing World

52nd Annual Meeting of the EMGS

August 28 - September 2, 2021 - Ottawa Canada



Half- and full-day workshops will also be offered, spanning the most cutting edge new technologies for measuring toxic effects to the genome (i.e., transcriptomics including single-cell sequencing, error-corrected sequencing), to modern versions of conventional tests (i.e., Mini Ames and comet assay workshop) and advances in hazard and risk assessment (i.e., reactive botanicals and in silico approaches): 


  • The status and utility of miniaturised versions of the Ames assay (Chair: Birgit Maertens, Belgium) 
  • Advanced approaches in transcriptomics (Chair: Scott Auerbach, USA) 
  • Genotoxicity of reactive botanical contaminants in consumer products - the pyrrolizidine alkaloids (Chair: Stefan Pfuhler, USA) 
  • Advances in error-corrected sequencing technologies for mutation detection (Chair: Francesco Marchetti, Canada) 
  • The high-throughput comet assay (Chair: Bevin Engelward, USA) 
  • In silico (QSAR) approaches in genetic toxicology; Application to ICH-M7QSAR (Chair: Masamistu Honma, Japan) 

There will also be ample opportunity for non-invited attendees to have a chance to present at the ICEM. Each symposium will have two 15 min talks that can be drawn from the abstracts. In addition, the ICEM will feature eight platform sessions, each containing eight 15 min presentations, covering areas of great interest to EMGS’s around the world. 


  • In vivo mutagenicity testing strategies  
  • In vitro testing strategies 
  • Epigenomics and heritable effects 
  • Risk assessment  
  • Advances in DNA repair 1 
  • Advances in DNA repair 2  
  • Emerging public health issues  
  • Persistent chemical hazards  

Finally, the hub of the scientific meetings is the exciting new science being presented in poster format. Our opening evening will include a two-hour student and new investigator poster session. There will be three additional poster sessions accommodating up to 200 posters at a time, with exhibitions from vendors in parallel throughout the meeting. These will be integrated with coffee breaks and cocktail hours to to maximize opportunities for interactions and networking. Additional general information about the meeting is available here.