EMGS Education Award 

An award conferred from time to time in recognition of EMGS members of long-standing dedication to educating and mentoring the future generation of scientist in field of environmental mutagenesis.

Nominations Deadline: December 10


  • EMGS member
  • Involvement in mentoring and/or education activities involving students and/or young investigators.
  • Individuals who made a difference in your career.

Who can nominate:

Any EMGS members or student or new investigator working/collaborating with the nominee (EMGS membership for the student or new investigator is not necessary)

What to submit:

  • One letter of nomination describing in detail why the nominee deserves recognition. 
  • 1-2 letters of letters of support (preference is given to individuals working/collaborating with the nominee).

Upload Your Nomination

Please nominate deserving candidates (candidates need not be EMGS members). Nominations should include a cover letter that succinctly states why this candidate is deserving of this award, as well as two additional letters of support. Nominations for the EMGS Award and the Hollaender Award ideally should also include the candidate’s CV. Nominations can be sent any time before December 10. Please assemble all nomination materials into a single PDF file (nameofaward-nameofnominee.pdf) and upload it to the appropriate award above.

EMGS Education Award Past Recipients:

Sheila David (2022)
Shobhan Gaddameedhi (2021)
Catherine B. Klein (2020)

John Wise (2019)
Barbara L. Parsons (2018)