Genotoxicity Profile of Nucleoside Analog Antiviral Drugs

Presented by the Genotoxicity Risk Assessment and Public Health (GRAPH) SIG

When: June 24, 2022 at 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Eastern Time (U.S.)    

Where: Virtual (a link will be provided to all registered participants)

Duration: 120 minutes

Cost: Free 

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Details: The meeting is open to EMGS members and guests. All participants must register prior to the meeting; a link to the meeting site will be provided via email following registration.  

About this workshop: The GRAPH and In Vivo Mutagenesis SIGs presents a 2-hour WOW event entitled “Genotoxicity Profile of Nucleoside Analog Drugs Targeting RNA Viruses”, wherein the history, mechanisms, and toxicology of antiviral nucleoside analogs will be discussed, followed by a Q&A panel.

Who is it for? Regulatory and research scientists and physicians interested in the toxicology of nucleoside analog (NA) drugs used in the pharmacotherapy of RNA virus infections.


RNA Viruses: Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Targets
Speaker – Craig E. Cameron (University of North Carolina School of Medicine)
25 minutes

Nucleoside Analogs: Historical Context and Mechanistic Considerations
Speaker – Miriam Poirier (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
25 minutes

AZT: Lessons Learned from the First Antiretroviral Drug
Speaker – Ofelia Olivero (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
25 minutes

Nucleoside Analogues: A Regulatory Perspective
Speaker – L. Peyton Myers (CDER, Division of Pharm/Tox for Infectious Diseases, FDA)
25 minutes

Panel Discussion
20 minutes