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EMGS has five types of individual membership available.

  • Regular Members are scientists and other persons who share an interest in the purposes of the Society.
  • New Investigators designation is available to individuals with newly-awarded terminal degrees (e.g., PhDs, ScDs, MDs, or DVMs) for a maximum of five years following the date of receipt of the degree. The date (or anticipated date) of receipt of degree must be provided when enrolling as a Society member in the New Investigator category. New Investigators will have all the benefits of Society members. The membership fee will be fixed at the rate provided to students with Journal.
  • Student/Trainee Members designation is available to persons engaged in formal study in a field represented by EMGS. Persons can receive student/trainee membership status by providing proof of status as student/trainee each year. A Student/Trainee Member may vote but not hold office.
  • Emeritus Members designation is available to any member who has reached the age of 65, has retired and has paid annual dues for at least ten (10) years total.  He or she may request Emeritus status by submitting a letter of request to the Membership Committee Chairperson for review and approval by the Executive Board.
  • Partner Members EMGS partners/spouses can complete a joint membership application.
  • EMGS Sustaining Members The Society recognizes the value of industrial corporate support. An annual contribution to the Society, as determined by Council or the Executive Board, qualifies the contributor for the status of Sustaining Member. Although this class of membership does not provide privileges, a listing of Sustaining Members will be included in the Program of each Annual Meeting and on the EMGS website.


Member Benefits

Members of the Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EMGS) are scientists who have contributed substantially to the recognition of the critical role of mutation in the etiology of cancer. The EMGS is currently the primary intellectual forum for researchers interested in the development and application of transgenic technology of toxicological studies and for the development of methods for studying mutations and the mechanisms of mutation and DNA repair in model cellular systems as well as humans.

Members have many opportunities to collaborate with fellow members and engage in leadership activities through participation on Committees, Special Interest Groups, and at the Annual Meetings.

The Annual Meetings of the EMGS provide an important setting for the presentation of data emerging from the Human Genome Project, especially mutation spectra, mutational mechanisms, and new techniques for detection of mutation and genomic instability in humans. EMGS members receive reduced registration fees to attend the meeting and may submit or sponsor up to four abstracts for each meeting.

Members receive a discounted subscription to the Society’s journal, Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, as well as other journals.

Members keep current with Society activities and other scientific issues through EMGS Connect and benefit from membership in the International Association of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Societies (IAEMGS) as well as job postings on the EMGS website.

Recognition of your peers is an invaluable benefit. As a member of EMGS you are eligible to receive special recognition from your peers as well as nominate a colleague for EMGS Awards.


EMGS membership can be obtained by creating an account and paying your membership dues online. If you cannot, or do not wish to pay online, you can request a PDF Membership Form by contacting Membership is based on the calendar year of January 1 - December 31.