EMGS Newly Independent Investigators Engagement Program

EMGS Newly Independent Investigators Engagement Program

The future of EMGS rests in the hands of our new investigators, who will define the directions we take and galvanize the next generation of our membership base.  High quality new investigators who have recently transitioned to independence, and who are committed to developing their roles as leaders within the EMGS, are invited to apply to be part of a Newly Independent Investigator Engagement Program. Selection of 1 or more recipients per year into this new program will be merit-based and competitive.  Accepted recipients will receive a commitment to cover their costs to attend up to three Annual Meetings over a five-year period.  In exchange, recipients must maintain active and engaged membership in EMGS.

Applicants who have applied and did not receive the award are strongly encourages to apply for each year that they meet the eligibility requirements.

Please see if you meet the requirements for the Eligibility Extensions for Select Awards and Programs Policy.


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A successful applicant must be involved in non-trainee research relevant to the EMGS mission.

A successful applicant must have recently (not more than 3 years ago) transitioned to their first independent research position or a career in government or industry, e.g., as laboratory or project leader, reviewer, staff fellow, scientist, study director, or project manager.

 A successful applicant must demonstrate commitment to promoting his/her research within the scientific community, as evidenced by attendance at conferences, presentations (poster or platform), involvement in organization leadership/committees, travel and other awards. Prior attendance/ involvement with the EMGS is NOT required.

If accepted into the program, the candidate will agree to the following:

Next Steps:

If you are accepted into this program, please notify the EMGS Membership Committee chair regarding the years you plan to attend the EMGS Annual Meeting and which SIG and committee you intend to join. We realize plans can change and you may want to explore more than one SIG or committee, but use the notification as a starting point.  If/when your committee or SIG plans change, please notify the Membership Committee chair. Also, please notify the chair with the title of your abstract for the meetings you are attending, and once assigned, the title of the symposium you will co-chair.  It is up to you to keep the Membership Committee updated with your meeting and leadership activities within the EMGS.



  1. Annual Meeting registration will be waived for up to three (3) meetings.
  2. EMGS will pay for four (4) nights at the EMGS Annual Meeting hotel for up to three (3) meetings. You will need to register for a hotel room and notify the EMGS headquarters.
  3. EMGS will provide recipients with up to $500 for travel for up to three (3) meetings.
  4. You MUST maintain annual membership in the EMGS at the prevailing rate (currently $149/yr) for all years in the program.



January-March      Call for applicants

March 5th                 Application Deadline

April 6th                    Recipients notified

May 1st                     Meeting abstract submission deadline