Alexander Hollaender Award 

This award is conferred in recognition of outstanding contributions in the application of the principles and techniques of environmental mutagenesis and genomics to the protection of human health.

Nominations for the Alexander Hollaender Award are due by December 10, 2021.

Who can nominate:
Any EMGS member and members of the professional community 

What to submit:

  • One letter of nomination, addressing the criteria mentioned above
  • At least one supporting letter (maximum of 3 supporting letters)
  • CV or biographical sketch of the nominee

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Alexander Hollaender Award Past Recipients:

John Rundell


Paul A. White

Randy Jirtle 2019
Robert H. Heflich 2018
Radim J. Sram 2017
Stephen D. Dertinger 2016
Miriam C. Poirier 2015
Martyn T. Smith 2014
Jack B. Bishop 2013
Marilyn J. Aardema 2012
David M. DeMarini 2011 
David J. Kirkland 2010 
Raymond R. Tice 2009 
Michael F. Fenech 2008 
Makoto Hayashi 2007 
Larry D. Claxton 2006
Te-Hsui Ma 2005
George R. Douglas 2004
B. Singer 2003
Sid Aaron 2002
James M. Gentile 2001
K. Sankaranarayanan 2000
Tong Man Ong 1999
Barry Glickman 1998
Joginder Nath 1997
Michael D. Waters 1996
James T. MacGregor 1995
Marvin Legator 1994
Sheila Galloway 1993
R. Julian Preston 1992
Mortimer Mendelsohn 1991
Richard J. Albertini 1990
Herbert S. Rosenkranz 1989
Michael D. Shelby 1988
Errol Zeiger 1987
Anthony Carrano 1986
John Ashby 1985
David Brusick 1984
Seymour Abrahamson 1983
Herman E. Brockman 1982
W. Gary Flamm 1981
EMIC Staff 1980
Verne A. Ray 1979
Duane J. Kilian 1978