Anthony Dipple

EMGS member Tony Dipple died on May 26, 1999. Many of us will remember seeing him at the EMGS meeting in Washington (March, 1999). Tony was born in England in 1940 and received his PhD in biological chemistry from the University of Birmingham in 1964. After a post-doc at the McArdle Laboratory with Charles Heidelberger, he joined the Institute for Cancer Research in London where he began his life-long research on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. There, with Philip Lawley and Peter Brooks he studied the metabolic activation of these carcinogens and their interaction with DNA. In 1975, he moved to the newly created NCI research labs in Frederick, MD, where he remained until his death.

Tony was a world authority on DNA alkylation and polycyclic hydrocarbon-DNA adducts. His scientific contributions included studies on the mutagenic properties of different hydrocarbon-DNA adducts, and the importance of tissue-specific activation of PAH's in vivo. In 1980 he established the journal Carcinogenesis with R. Colin Garner, and continued as an executive editor until his death. Tony authored 164 papers, served on review boards, and mentored numerous post-docs in his lab in Frederick. He will be missed by the scientific community worldwide. Those who worked with him will miss his patience as a teacher, his dedication to cancer research, and his good will toward all.

A more complete biography may be found in the article by C.A.H. Bigger (1999) In memoriam: Anthony Dipple, Environ Mol Mutagen 34:227-32.

Contributions in his memory may be donated to the EMGS Anthony Dipple Memorial Fund. The fund will endow a travel award for a graduate student, post-doc, or international scientist working in the area of DNA-chemical interactions as related to carcinogenesis. You may include your contribution with your annual EMGS membership renewal form, or send to the EMGS Business Office.

(Thanks to Mike Salamone for providing these historical photos from the EMGS archives.)