EMGS Financial Support for Member-Initiated Activities

EMGS has a long history of member engagement in support of research in environmental and molecular mutagenesis. Since our inception, members have been dedicated to activities such as influencing policy, training and supporting international scientists. EMGS is committed to invigorating and expanding this strong positive influence we have on our science and our society. Towards these ends, the EMGS Member-Initiated Activities Program will provide financial and limited administrative support for member-initiated activities outside of the Annual Meeting, our journal, and other regular Society activities. This program is meant to stimulate and enable you to undertake activities that will advance our science, public influence and perception, impact on policy, and other outcomes relevant in the 21st century. Be creative! Help us find new ways to communicate and interact with peers, the public and policy makers.

Major criteria for receiving support are:
•Alignment of the activity with the EMGS mission.
•Advancement of critical objectives in environmental mutagenesis and genomics.
•Enhancement of the EMGS image among scientists and the public.
•Potential for increasing EMGS membership and member engagement.
•Excellence and cost effectiveness of the activity.
•Funding from other sources.

Applicants must:
•Be EMGS members and the lead or co-lead of the activity.
•Submit their application by the designated submission deadline.
•Provide a list of participants and a financial statement to include the EMGS funding proportion.
•Present a summary of the activity at the EMGS Annual Meeting, or provide a report to be posted on our website.

The Executive Board and Council will be responsible for oversight of this initiative since it encompasses activities out-side the scope of our regular standing committees.
•The Council/Executive Board will review, rank, and nominate which activities should be funded.
•Notice will be given to candidates within 2 months of the submission deadline.
•The EMGS President will act as a point of contact for members seeking input on the program and application.

Maximum support of $2-5K per award. The initiative is reoccurring, with proposals received/reviewed up to 2 times per year.

September 1st  is the deadline for accepting applications for the Member-Initiated Activities Support.  If additional funds are still available then applications received by January 1st will be considered.


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Carole Yauk, carole.yauk@canada.ca (Chair, concept development task force)
Rob Sobol, rwsobol@health.southalabama.edu (Past-President)
Tom Wilson, wilsonte@umich.edu (Past-President)