Public Relations and Communications

The Public Relations and Communications Committee is the key to EMGS communication: we publish the popular Winter and Summer Newsletters describing our activities with abundant photos at each annual meeting and preparing for the next annual meeting.

Vision/Mission Statement

The Public Relations and Communications Committee is the key to EMGS communication. The Committee communicates the scientific and educational activities of EMGS to members and others with an interest in environmental mutagens via the Newsletter, website, and other requested activities for annual meetings.

Committee Composition

The committee should consist of 8–10 members including a chairperson, editor(s) of the newsletter, the Webmaster, and members from academia, government and industry.

EMGS members can view a current Committee roster via EMGS Connect.

Business Office Interaction

The Business Office maintains the official records of EMGS and can provide information about contracts and related financial items.


  1. In conjunction with the EMGS business office, the Chair of the Education, Student and New Investigator Affairs Committee and the Program Chair, prepare information for faculty and students from the local area universities and colleges about the annual meeting. Invite them for limited attendance with no registration fee.
  2. Explore means by which information available in the archives may be publicized and brought to the attention of members of the Society and/or public at large when appropriate.
  3. Prepare archival material for exhibition at the EMGS annual meeting.
  4. Oversee archival procedures.
  5. It is suggested that photographs taken over the last 2 years may be necessary at the meeting to identify people. Others may be converted to CD and a slide show be arranged.
  6. Ensure FASEB is promoted to the membership for the duration that EMGS maintains its membership.
  7. Newsletter

    1. Take responsibility for having photographs taken at the annual meeting, covering such special events as the Awards ceremony and including informal candid pictures for the archives and for use in the Newsletter.
    2. Prepare, print and mail the EMGS newsletter on a semiannual basis, or more often if necessary, or desirable.
    3. Inform the membership of important activities and developments within the society (e.g. elections, dues, annual meeting registration fees, committee efforts, etc.)
    4. Announce dates and subjects of meetings of interest to EMGS members,
    5. Publish programs and events of regional groups, as space permits, after consulting with the editors of regional newsletters.
    6. In consultation with the Treasurer, prepare a budget for the newsletter. Specific consideration should be given to expenses for typing, formatting, editing, printing and postage. The extensive and intensive time commitment required of this committee is greatly appreciated by the Society but compensation is not provided. The committee is encouraged to call on assistance from many other members of the Society.
    7. Establish mechanism for including reports from related EMGS societies or other societies.
  8. Web page/Web master: Maintain the EMGS web page
    1. Post information from the newsletter as appropriate
    2. Post meeting information

Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Prepare report for Council and Executive Board Meetings—two reports a year.
  2. Submit requests for consideration in budget for following fiscal year in March.
  3. Prepare article for newsletter two times a year.
  4. Publish Newsletter twice a year.
  5. Work with Program Chair for Annual Meeting and the Education, Student and New Investigator Affairs Committee to promote the EMGS Annual Scientific Meeting in the local area.