Publication Policy Committee

The Publication Policy Committee focuses on Policies of the Society’s publications, Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis (EMM).  The Committee provides advice and oversight to the Editor and EMGS Executive Board on publication policy issues.

Vision/Mission Statement

The mission of the Publication Policy Committee is to provide advice and oversight to the Editor and to the EMGS Executive Board on publication policy issues related to the Journal [Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis (EMM)].

Committee Composition

The committee should consist of 5–10 members including a chairperson, past editor(s) of the Journal, and members from academia, government, and industry.  The current editor(s) are ex officio members and included in communications and meetings of the committee as appropriate.

EMGS members can view a current Committee roster via EMGS Connect.

Business Office Interaction

The Business Office maintains the official records of EMGS and can provide information about contracts and related financial items.


  1. Continue an appraisal of the publication of the Journal—its scientific quality, coverage of the field, turn-around time, format and finances related to Journal policy (e.g., advertising, page charges).
  2. Aid and advise the editor and editorial board in soliciting papers of high scientific quality for the Journal and in widening the scientific area for potential contributors to the Journal.
  3. Analyze the Journal’s growth and compare those of similar publications
  4. It was affirmed that EMGS will support an autonomous Journal and Editor. All matters pertaining to scientific publication, including Journal, referred to the Publication Policy Committee for consideration and to the Editor as a point of information.
  5. Provide review and oversight of the marketing strategies for the Journal.
  6. Form Subcommittee every 5 years to review contract with publisher; this subcommittee may include EMGS members who are not members of the Publication Policy Committee.

Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Prepare report for Council and Executive Board Meetings—two reports a year.
  2. Submit requests for consideration in budget for following fiscal year in March.
  3. Prepare article for Newsletter two times a year.