Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society

48th Annual Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina

September 9-13, 2017 - Raleigh Convention Center

Environmental Health Sciences Bridging the Gap between
Exposure, Mechanism and Public Health



The EMGS welcomes members and attendees from across the US and around the world. Our diversity is essential to our success, and as your national professional society, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive forum for the communication of world-class science. The EMGS Diversity and Inclusion committee sends a special welcome to members of the LGBT community.  Please reach out to any member of the EMGS Diversity and Inclusion Committee with your comments or concerns.

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Room Sharing Program

In an effort to reduce the cost of the 2017 EMGS meeting, EMGS provides a room sharing program. If you are interested in sharing room costs, please complete the Room Sharing Form. Please note that this is only a matching service. Matched roommates are responsible for making their own hotel reservations! The deadline to sign up for this service is August 1.

Participation in this program does not guarantee the EMGS hotel room rate. Students must make their hotel reservations early to secure the discounted rate. EMGS will not be responsible for securing housing for participants in the Room Sharing Program.

EMGS will handle communication between people wishing to participate in the room sharing program. Please note that it is the responsibility of each participant in the program to make their room reservation and communicate with the person who will share the room. The role of EMGS is strictly limited to the maintenance of the list of registrants who have an interest in the program. The Society will maintain the list but does not (a) screen participants, (b) make any determination as to the appropriateness of any resulting room share, or (c) guarantee a resulting room share.