Become an Advocate for Your Science!

The vision of the EMGS is to “promote critical scientific knowledge and research into the causes and consequences of damage to the genome and epigenome in order to inform and support national and international efforts to ensure a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations.”  The latter half of this vision cannot be accomplished without scientists engaging policy makers and gaining their support.  To do this, we must effectively communicate the importance of our science and gain insight into the issues faced by policy makers when it comes to implementing scientific knowledge in the public sphere. 

FASEB Representatives

Shan Yan, PhD (FASEB Board of Directors, Publications Committee)
Patricia L. Opresko, PhD (FASEB Scientific Research Conferences Advisory Committee)
Michael George Kemp, PhD (Excellence in Science Committee)
William Kaufmann, PhD (Science Policy Committee)

At the EMGS 2019 Annual Meeting, Dr. Yvette Seger, PhD, Director of Science Policy at FASEB, gave the presentation below in a symposium on “Bridging the Gap Between Science and Policy.”  Use this excellent and highly informative resource to impact policies that affect your work! 

 Download the PPT Presentation


From Bench to Beltway: Becoming a Science Advocate

Dr. Yvette Seger, PhD, Director of Science Policy, FASEB